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04/26/04 HAPPY BIRTHDAY KANE!  Hey Kanenites! 
Please leave Birthday Greetings for the Towering Titan  here at the Tag Board or over at The Forum!  Even Mangling Monsters soften when their special day is remembered! ;)

  04/19/04 RAW: KANE's on the prowl . . . looking for innocents whose fear he intends to feed off of - fear HE is bent on instilling! One night after being 'cast' into losing to Edge at BackLash, KANE set his sights on Lita as his first victim in his renewed campaign of terror! . . . Wanna Talk KANE? The Mask's the Thing? is one place you can go!
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Kane RA7 Figure by Jakks Pacific

  A long-time, steadfast KANENITE, Mary works diligently each week to produce visual recaps of KANE's matches. For the latest in KANE's RAW screen caps, her fan-tastic KANE graphics, & pics of KANE through-out his career plus a new "Chat Board" visit Kane's Keeper.com

If it's some KANE history you're looking for, here's KANE's Keeper's latest AWESOME offering . . . KANE - HIS Story! It's MUST SEE!!! Launched 09-04-2003
  Discovery & Demons Within by JClover & Sarah, continues to grip 09/22 . . . Lord of the Ministry by Ash beckons to be read . . . Then there's the THUDDDD story board - Good And Bad -- by TakersLilGirl/Shari is another MUST READ!. . . WEG . . .KANE-coctions - the completed stories section is still undergoing renovation
  Visit WWE.com for the latest additons to news, reviews and Kane items at ShopZone

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