May 27th, 2003

Well, I've just finished watching the WWE's Memorial Day 2003 RAW, and I'm thoroughly puzzled. I've noticed that no matter how HARD and LOUD the crowd cheers or pops for KANE and RVD, the WWE seems hell bent on giving us less and less of the Dynamite Duo IN prime matches.

Last night, KANE wasn't even slated to a wrestling match - what grappling he DID do in the sidelines and as a run in was kick-assed and power-packed - but the "powers" let us know under no uncertain terms that KANE was in the backseat.

Over the weekend, KANE and RVD took on the newst tag team of La Resistance during a couple of the house shows. Apparently the WWE liked what it saw in that matchup, and decided to use it on the televised show. Great - I'm always interested in seeing new playthings for KANE come forth on the show. . . to me it means KANE will be in action that much longer. And I also believe that one of THE best wrestlers that could get another notarity IS KANE . . .

But DAMN, I'm tired of viewing what seems to me to be constant blows to the face of KANE with the lack of respect and support the WWE exhibits toward him! I'm heartily sick of the current theme courtesy of the company of Wecheatum & Gloat - and hate seeing it utilized in any storyline involving KANE. Never-the-less, that is what happened lastnight to get La Resistance in Bad Blood going for the tag title KANE and RVD currently hold. I'm torn between wanting to SEEEEEEE KANE on the PPV and not wanting to get the PPV because I can't stand what I'm seeing on the regularly scheduled weekly shows. GO to the Bad Blood site at and you won't see KANE and RVD's pictures under the Matches section. What you WILL see, as of 6:47pm ET on 05/07/2003, is a pic of La Resistance - even though KANE and RVD are the reigning champions, and BOTH parties are shown for each of the other matches currently listed.

I have to ask - what the HELL did KANE ever do, besides work his arse off for the "Company" and the fans????? IS this really what comes of being one of the TRULY hardest working wrestlers in professional wrestling today???? Is THIS the reward for being an exemplary employee and an upstanding individual in and out of the ring???

Oh - I've tussled with the notion that KANE himself might have opted for little or no action in the ring on RAW, for whatever his reasons might be. But it's not like this is the first time for this lack of prime KANE. And the crappy part about all this - is floundering for a way to get my feelings, and from reading around the web - those of other KANEnites, across to the WWE. The more we seem to petition, write, call or chat on behalf of KANE, the less we see of him. One of my fellow Kanenites stated she cherishes all she gets of KANE in action, whether its thrity minutes or three, just seeing him on the show week after week is enough for her. Truth to tell, I hold pretty much to that way of thinking in my calmer moments - LOL - but I now want to know WHY that's all we should have to settle for?

Protests and critisisms are repaid by having him dropped from any push and relegated to launching the careers of other wrestlers. While I take a certain unKanny pride in knowing a good many tusslers in the limelight today had an enormous amount of help from "feuding" or working with KANE, I just don't see why he's being so underutilized. WHY can't KANE have the same expanse of inring, mic and topbilling time as others who've clutched the spotlight and held on for years, whether the fans want them there or not??

Hell, I'm not even sure that is what KANE wants. Each and everytime we hear from him in a written interview or on ByteThis!, he's telling us he's very happy where he is. I don't know how much freedom KANE feels he has to speak his mind, but if this IS so, if the current affairs are what makes HIS boat float, what good do we serve in protesting and begging for more than what the WWE's been giving us of him, IF we're at cross-purposes with what KANE wants?

I can only take MY cue from the masked man's mouth. While I'll NEVER like seeing KANE continuously get the short end, I will watch him on each regularly televised show, pay to go see him live when he comes with RAW to D.C., Baltimore and the surrounding areas - including traveling with my son up to New York or Pittsburgh & Hershey where I can watch him with my brother ;). I'll look forward to being able see him at any fan signing scheduled in my four hour traveling radius, and to take pictures of him interacting with his fans.

And I've found a solution to my PPV problem - It took me a good portion of last night and today to write this, wanting to be expressive and constructive, and throughout the day, I had a chance to talk with a few of my friends who have always been professional wrestling fans, but haven't wanted to spend the money on PPVs that held no interest to them. We decided to gather once a month and watch the PPVs together, splitting the cost so that each of us can watch those wrestlers we cherish. So instead of a payout to the WWE from four or five different households, there'll be one. The consumers will definitely feel they've gotten their money's worth ~ we are STILL supporting our favorites, while the total product leaves us vastly far from being satisfied.

We have been told time and again that Vince and Company don't care to hear our protests, suggestions, or petitions - told by the posturing of the WWE in hardheaded determination not to give us what we have stated we wanted; by the words of various wrestling talent telling us, basically, that we don't KNOW what we want and they'll continue to give us what THEY want. And all stand around scratching their heads, perturbed at the decline in viewer ratings and revenue - grasping at any explanation they can . . . from the war to the economy to basketball . . . instead of looking truth in the eye and admitting to themselves that there won't be keen and profit generating interest from the comsumers until they provide a product we want.