December 31st, 2002


Well! We've come to the end of 2002 - and what a year it was! Filled with action, all out brawling, more "flesh"; exposure, steamy lip locks, intrigue, harsh injury and a bit o'controversy, this year in the life of KANE was the stuff epic novels are made of!!!! OK - so maybe LifeTime's Movie of the Week, LOL.

KANE kicked off 2002 in January working though the roster and even easing 3H back into the squared circle routine. Some of his most memorable matches that month were against Kurt Angle, lifting Big Show up and tossing him over the ropes during the Royal Rumble PPV match, and the accident riddled matches WITH Show that led to a feud between the two.

February saw KANE taking on Test and BossMan alternately in most of the House Shows, and seeing television action in the ring against Y2J, Mr. Perfect, and Angle - teaming up with 3H to take on Y2J and Angle at the last show of the month. His retreat from the locker-room when Stephanie McMahon showed up for a quite chat with 3H was priceless - the man knows when to make a quiet and timely exit! Kane teamed up with 'Taker to appear on the #1520 episode of America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back (which aired on the 16th) in an effort to help bring in information and hopefully the capture of a man who killed one wrestling fan and left his young son paralyzed. There was some really excellent footage of KANE and 'Taker interacting with the youngster, which served to reinforce a few of the reasons KANE garners such a strong fan base. Sadly, KANE didn't appear in the No Way Out PPV.

OMG!!!! March seemed to be the month KANE's fans the world over had been eagerly waiting for!
THE BIG PUSH began! It was also when the World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Powers decided to insert a Roster Split, with Vince keeping the SmackDown! brand, and Rick Flair heading
up the RAW Brand. Flair was wise enough to grab KANE in the third round of the drafts. ;) KANE continued his feud with Angle and Y2J during the House Shows, while building up his feud with Angle
to WrestlemaniaX8 in Montreal! Finger Eleven's Slow Chemical would become the new version of KANE's adrenaline pumping entrance theme - and those guys actually got to FACE the Masked Muscled Man at WMX8! KANE also proved there was more behind the mask and flame licked "suit" than a buffed bod! He along with a few of his WWE co-horts were featured in The Weakest Link which aired on March 10th were KANE wowed us with his raspy wit and quick mind, winning the competition and a nice contribution for his favorite charity. We were able to get to at least one of KANE's autograph signings this year, sponsored at Strauss Discount Auto in Philly on March 24th. And then - KANE confronts nWo during their match against Hogan and Rock - that interruption led to one of KANE's most memorable backstage promos the next week were he "Hulked Up" and gave his fans their "official" name - KANENITES!!!!! The match that followed was icing on the cake as The Hulkster, The Rock and KANE kicked some serious butt around the ring! The fans darned near tore the roof off the arena with off the chart decibels for the gargantuan grapplers!

April dawned, catching KANE pitted against X-Pac and (unofficially - smirk) the nWo, once or twice with the aide of Bradshaw. There was more of KANE Commentary backstage, as the fires seemed to build in our Favored son, and then on the 8th, the awful set up and brutal ambush and beating to KANE at the hand of the nWo a couple of shows away from the BackLash PPV. The last time fans would see KANE for a little over 4 months, would be unconscious and de-masked at the hands of X-Pac, with Bradshaw defending and keeping his back. On April 14th, during a morning workout before the Abilene, TX House Show, KANE tore his right biceps muscle - a very painful and precarious injury. Kanenites joined forces in heartfelt wishes to their hero for a safe and full recovery, eagerly looking for any word on his prognosis and recovery. Meanwhile, X-Pac spent the remainder of the month parading around in ill-gotten trademark mask.

The World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. became World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. in May, a fact KANE jokingly remarked on during his May 13th ByteThis! interview with Kevin Kelly and Tom Pritchard. Also during the interview, KANE told his fans of his injury, his recovery plans and eagerness to get back into the thick of things, and thanked his Kanenites for their well wishes and
support. The interview was a much looked for and very rewarding interaction, as was his first last year. While good ole JR did his level best to keep fans informed on KANE's progress through that month, KANE attended the May 19th Judgement Day PPV and gave a quick interview to Matt Duda while there.

KANE's stellar work ethic is a singular characteristic that has long been remarked on, both inside the WWE and out. It's something he proved, with out doubt, was no rumor during the next few months. Having been given, by his doctor, the green light to begin training with light weights - KANE seemed to launch into working toward the ring with all the fervor of a tortured soul. He also co-hosted RAW at The World with DDP on June 10th, made an fan signing appearance to promote an upcoming show on June 15th in Atlantic City on the Boardwalk, and gave a shout out to fans in Cleveland, Ohio while promoting the WWE there on June 21.

KANE and Terri went to Australia between July 9th - 13th to kick off FanFrenzy for the August Global Warning PPV event. He and Terri were available for at least two fan signings, interviews and KANE even did a promo with ROVE for ROVE LIVE! On the 17th KANE flew on to Seattle Washington for a fan signing at the Key Arena. Over in Vancouver, KANE met with fans before the July 19th Motorfest at Molson Indy. HIS was the voice hear delivering the famous start words "GENTLEMEN - START - YOUR - ENGINES!!!!". On July 27th, JR writes that KANE is cleared to return to the ring probably by the end of July.

The dog days of August were upon us as JR teases with promises of KANE's imminent return, and a
question of whether he'd go to RAW or SmackDown! On the 6th, we are titillated with an ominous THE FIRE STILL BURNS TitanTron promo. The 10th sees KANE's youngest Kanenites' dreams come true as they meet with the Hulking Hero at KB Toys grand opening of their OutLet in Wilmington, Delaware. Through out the month, we are teased further by continued firey messages on the TitanTron's screen during both brand House and televised shows. NIIIICE touch! FINALLY!!!! On August 26th (post SummerSlam), at Madison Square Gardens in NY, KANE RETURNS, and the first thing he does is put his big boot down on the flag dissin' UnAmericans - LITERALLY! During his May ByteThis! interview, KANE told us he wanted to use the time out of action to accomplish a few things - one of which was to improve on his body! This he did - so well in fact there were some that didn't believe the svelte, muscle defined, near seven, foot curly-haired ADONIS was THE KANE!!!! That night, KANE also displayed his new mask sans mouth covering and look - more on the "cutting edge" as he'd described shortly before his return, and better able to show off the results of his hard work! Though his firey kick-butt attitude was still in tact, he also had a surprise for fans, friends and foes alike - The KANEROONI!!!!!!!!!!

Indian Summer faded into Fall as KANE brawled against the UnAmericans leading up to September
22nd's Unforgiven PPV where he, along with GoldDust, Bubba Ray and Booker T, put pain in the butts of the UnAmerican's and ended their USA bashing. Another AWESOME No Mercy commercial featuring some very funny kids, Pete Rose and KANE began airing during that PPV too. KANE teamed up with The Hurricane the next night to win the Tag Team Titles from Christian and Storm, and produced some delicious backstage promos with Terri and the "SuperHero"! Terri sure was the lucky one to get not one but TWO kisses from KANE's now freed lips! WHOOOOW!! On September 24th, KANE, along with WWE Champion SuperStars and management, announced at SafecoField in Seattle, Washington that WMX9 would be hosted at that location. Six days later, KANE wins the IC Championship from Y2J on RAW September 30th, after which he gets a second lip lock with Terri (that we SEE - LOL) and tells us . . ."Chicks dig the Mask!"

October 5th was the anniversary of five years in the WWE for KANE. That night Confidential showcased his No Mercy Commercial with some insightful behind the scenes spots by KANE and Pete Rose. The RAW in Las Vegas Table Ladders and Chairs match where KANE defended the Tag Team titles alone against Bubba Ray and Spike, Christian and Y2J, and RVD and Jeff Hardy, was one of the best matches of the year - KANE retained the titles to the cheers and accolades of the crowd. KANE would make fan appearances in Sacramento to promote SmackDown! Your Vote, in Topeka, Kansas just before the show, a guest appearance at Spooky World in Massachusetts, and on ByteThis! to the delight of his fans. During this month, a storyline was begun where 3H made some decidedly ugly accusations against KANE and had a great many Kanenites scratching their heads and wondering on the sanity of the writing team at RAW. At No Mercy in Little Rock Arkansas, we were privy to a brief few moments of the BROTHERS sitting side by side - a treat we were not expecting and dearly treasured. Much to the dismay of KANE's followers, KANE was the victim of foul sportsmanship at No Mercy in an ALL or NOTHING match, and another title was stripped away from the WWE and from around KANE's waist. The end of the month closed much as the casket KANE slammed shut on 3H during a memorable and hard fought Casket Match. This month saw some excellent showcasing of KANE as an entertainer and it's hoped we see more in the coming months.

The WWE gave us KANE on the cover and in a wonderfully written piece of the November issue of
WWE Magazine. It's the first photo shoots we get of KANE in his new attire since his return! A "Mini Mag" is also leased to the public which features some insightful articles and mostly unknown tidbits on the Masked Man, one of which is that Marketing loves to use KANE as a spokesman for the WWE. We see this - On the 4th, he is in Boston at Northeastern U to put in one final rally for SmackDown! Your Vote with Al Snow, Hurricane an Spike. On the 16th KANE appears on CNN's 'NewsNight with Aaron Brown" to chat about the state of the WWE and his feelings on where it's headed. KANE also went to India with the RAW Brand for a three day stint, getting huge pops and some good press there too. November hosts a serious build up toward the Survivor Series PPV Elimination Chamber Match on the 17th, which pits KANE, RVD, Y2J, Booker T, HBK and 3H against each other at Madison Square Garden. Another well thought out and powerful delivery of a match by the grapplers and the creative team with a peek into their thoughts after the PPV has many clamoring for more of the same. Again, KANE is showcased backstage in some hilarious spots with Hurricane, Booker T and Goldust, with a running theme of getting KANE to chill out!!!! ROFL! Ric Flair decides to bait KANE while 3H is away, and ends up siccing Batista on the Big Red Monster for a while. At month's end, KANE has gained another "little buddy" in RVD.

The Holiday Season had KANE continuing his feud with Batista, with Flair in tow, leading up to the Armageddon PPV on the 15th in the warm climes of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. More priceless backstage spots with KANE were presented, interacting with Cheif Morley, RVD and Coach. While he is constantly being blindsided by Batista, he teaches the meaning of pain when given Three Minute Warning. KANE leaves us in the old year with reminders of what his past was like for him - by giving HIS perspective of what the world at large is like, and where he spent most of his childhood. RVD presented KANE with a present on RAW's final LIVE show of the year, a game KANE didn't seem to appreciate - since he didn't like Christmas OR games.

Yes, it was a year in the life of KANE we will not soon forget - packing away the injury segment, along with our Holiday decorations and baubles, lets hope for as prosperous and rewarding a year in 2003.