KANE's 1st Signing Since April 2002 Injury

Atlantic City, New Jersey Appearance

First Glimpse

A Sight for Sore Eyes

Excited Young Fans

So Happy!

Yeah - it's REEEEALLY Me!


Lucky Woman!


What's This?

Rockville, huh ~

Goin' for the Handshake

My Two Favs!

'Tin's Bearer Impression

Does this look like my signature?

Finishing up

Standing Tall

Body Language

Breath Taker!

Leaving ~ *Sniff!

There's not much to add, here - KANE looked fantastic - as usual!!!! He seemed in excellent spirits - a state eagerly embraced by those around him on such a gloomy morning (weather wise! LOL)! Can't WAIT to see him back in the ring and in the thick of things!

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