The RAW Brand of the WWE came to Frederick, Maryland on Sunday, July 18th ~ about 45 minutes drive from home for me and my lil' guy, Martin!

The Harry Grove Stadium, named for "Spike" Dudley's grandfather, is an open-air facility, and the heavens were extremely magnanimous this day . . . the week long predicted down-pour stayed well away for a night of grappling delight!  Here's a couple of pics found on the Frederick Keys website of the event!

Crowd at the Gate
Fans at front gate
Edge and Victoria at Meet and Greet
Victoria & Edge at Meet 'n Greet
Meet and Greet
Victoria & Edge Meet 'n Greet fans
Shopping for WWE Merchandise
Fans buying WWE Merchandise
View from the Club Level
Long shot of "Ring Side"!
Ringside with Cougar Michaels
Finkle & local radio personality Cougar Michaels
WWE at Harry Grove Stadium
Rodney Mac vs Val Venis
WWE at Harry Grove Stadium
Rhyno & Tajiri vs La Resistance

WWE at Harry Grove Stadium

The last picture, if you missed it, has my own young celebrity standing and watching, poised to snap a few pics!  Yeah, I'm there too ~ but I ain't tellin' where!  LMAO!

Between us, Martin and I snapped a good number of pictures . . . sadly, an $8.00 disposable automatic camera with flash captured far better images than my zoom lens Minolta (WEEPING HERE) - so, what Martin took of our favorite MONSTER is all I have at the moment.  Enjoy!


KANE stormed down to the ring, swiping the mic from Finkle and doing some thinking out loud before calling Lita to the ring.  Lita obliged, and after listening to KANE tell her he understood she might be suffering from some confusion brought about by her "condition", and that he was willing to forget what she'd said the previous Monday on RAW, Lita took the mic from him - not very tenderly (SNICKER) and proceeded to explain to KANE what real suffering was.  She ended by again telling him Matt Hardy was more of a man than he'd ever be, and we all cringed along with the muscled mighty mammoth.

As KANE made movement toward Lita, The Hurricane came flying down the path and into the ring allowing Lita an avenue of escape as he attacked Big Broody.  It was over all too soon, and KANE stalked back up the path . . . hopefully to find Lita and set her straight! ;)

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