KANE: Has a Human Side of the Monster been Exposed?
by Keith Elliot Greenberg, March 2005 RAW Magazine

The memories have possessed him since childhood flames flickering on the ground, darkness, broken glass, a blaze rolling through a room, sirens then the deafening silence that comes not with relief, but with the bleak realization that everything has been lost. 

Kane can't reconcile the memory of that night, remembering even when his eyes are open. He relives the night often - too often. The death of his parents, the destruction of his family – those thoughts, in all their horror, have punctuated the path Kane took thereafter. 

The child—already having shown a propensity for violence—was whisked away from the place he had called home, only to be passed to a succession of foster parents. Alone in a corner, he relived his parents' fiery demise over and over. 

On the street, Kane was an object of curiosity, a strong, angry boy who liked to destroy property and hurt peo­ple. Behind his back, he was mocked as a strange, demonic kid with a deviant personality. Years later, when he wore a mask in WWE, he tried to make light of his self-image. "Freaks rule," he'd shout. 

But Kane never wanted to be a freak. Like every other human, he wanted to be loved. And there was nobody to love him back. 

Then, this past year, there was the possibility that it would all change. Kane was going to be a father. 

Through his many triumphs in WWE, he had economic wealth. But, emotionally, the former WWE Champion was barren—and it seemed that he always would be. Who could love a person so inherently cruel, so enormously threatening? 

The notion of finding love from a woman was absurd. Once, in WWE, Kane had displayed affection for a woman named Tori (not to be confused with SmackDown!'s Torrie Wilson). But she manipulated Kane, embarrassed him, and publicly abandoned him for his tag-team partner at the time, X-Pac—leaving mental wounds that further damaged his psyche. 

Kane would take a woman and make her the mother of his child. Have my baby, he would command, or those you truly love will suffer the brutal consequences. 

Anyone who'd observed Kane's past appreciated the seriousness of his threats. Without provocation, he'd assaulted WWE CEO Linda McMahon, set Raw announcer Jim Ross on fire, and crushed Shawn Michaels' neck. 

Now, Kane focused his attention on Lita. She was athletic and pretty and smart. She was independent. She was accomplished. She had good genes. 

Lita, of course, felt no romantic yearnings for the Big Red Monster. So. Kane shifted his energy to some-one Lita did care about her long-time boyfriend, Matt Hardy. At every opportunity, Kane attacked Hardy. He overwhelmed Hardy with brute power, which never allowed him to even strategize a defense. 

The aggression seemed to come from nowhere. But, like always, there was more to Kane than people real­ized. He knew that Lita would do anything to save her boyfriend from further peril. 

It took one rendezvous with Lita for Kane to obtain what he'd always wanted. She soon discovered that she was pregnant—with a son. There would now be someone to perpetuate Kane's bloodline, someone who wouldn't see his inner demons and physical abnor­malities, someone who could finally fulfill Kane. 

And maybe Kane would even get Lita, too. She said that she detested him. But, for once, Kane was influencing other people's emotions. Under duress, Lita agreed to marry the winner of a Kane-Hardy matchup at SummerSlam. Kane's enormous 7-foot, 326-pound frame was barely a factor. He had the psychological edge—after all, in Hardy's mind, was Lita really worth fighting for? 

When the pay-per-view ended, Lita was not only the mother of Kane's unborn child. For better or for worse, she  was soon to be his lawfully wed­ded wife. 

Lita had always fought her own bat­tles. But now, she was trapped. As she woke up each morning, she realized that there was a child growing inside of her, a child who would share not only her DNA, but perhaps her physical talents and sense of liberated spontane­ity, as well. This was not only Kane's baby. It was Lita's, too. 

There was so much emphasis on the convoluted nature of the couple's situ­ation that virtually no one noticed that there was a new face on RAW Gene Snitsky was a rookie—a strapping, commanding newcomer anxious to burst out quickly. Still, his ascendance to the international stage occurred by accident—or so he claims--when Snitsky banged into Lita during an in-ring confrontation, which sent her to the mat, gripping her abdomen. 

The news that followed was devastating. Lita was told that she'd lost the baby. Kane was faced with the knowl­edge that the son he so dreadfully wanted was dead. 

In the process, Gene Snitsky became a household name. 

Snitsky called the incident an acci­dent, but refused to offer an apology. As the weeks passed, he became intox­icated by his new infamy, and began to capitalize on it, as he taunted Lita over the loss of her child. 

Bent on revenge, Kane tried pun­ishing the rookie. But now, Snitsky was the one with the psychological advantage. With his mind cluttered by bereavement, Kane was not the Big Red Monster when he faced Snitsky. He was a real man, with real feelings, who couldn't gather himself together to devise a strategy. This allowed Snitsky to steal a page from his rival's playbook—and he injured Kane's neck using the same brutal means that Kane employed to sideline HBK. The injury could have been career-ending. But this was Kane, whose life was based around surviving adversity. He recov­ered, and returned to defeat Snitsky at New Year's Revolution, taking him down in a furious battle. 

The war between these two men rages on, but Snitsky's actions have actually benefited Kane. Regardless of his and Lita's feelings for one another, they each felt love for the son they never got a chance to know. And they are now bonded forever, brought together by the only human emotion that has been a constant in Kane's life: pain. «»

Transcription courtesy of AHUG4KANE.

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