KANE on ByteThis! March 23, 2005
Credit and ©: World Wrestling Entertainment/ByteThis! 
Hosts: Steve Romero and Marc Lloyd

Marc: "What a show we have for you tonight on ByteThis! . . . Tonight, right here on ByteThis! we will have the World Heavy Weight Champion and the man challenging him for the title - The Animal - Batista . . . Also - The Big Red Machine, KANE, will be on the show tonight. We'll ask Kane about that huge six way money in the bank ladder match - when that briefcase will be held above the ladder - inside that briefcase ~ an open contract valid for one year for the opportunity at the World Heavy Weight Championship."

Steve: "It could be the day after Wrestlemania - it could be a year later."

Marc: "Absolutely."

Marc: "When we come back we will have The Big Red Machine KANE - Right here on ByteThis!" 

19:06 through 20:42 = Vid of the June 2003 match where Eric Bischoff insisted KANE remove his mask.

Marc: "Hey let's talk - uh - Let's welcome . . . We haven't had a chance to have the big red machine Kane on ByteThis!, have we Steve? 

Steve: "No."

Marc: "Let's Welcome him to the show. Kane, how are you?"

KANE: "Doing good guys, how're you guys?"

Marc: "We're hanging in there."

Steve: "Yep."

KANE: "Yeah, I've never talked to you guys before."

Marc: "Well this should be fun then!"

Steve: "At least we hope."

KANE: "Well . . . as long as you ask the right questions it will be."

Steve: "Well there ya go."

Marc: "Don't worry, we know that - we know we're on thin ice. OKAY!  Well, Steve, you start off with the first question because I don't want to ask him about this past week on RAW and his match against Batista."

Steve: "So you're gonna have me go ahead and do that?  OK - I'll go ahead and do that - KANE, last - ya know - a great match with Batista - uh - turned into a lumberjack match - your thoughts on what took place - unsuccessful - but, uh, I guess - go over the match with us."

KANE: "Uh yeah, it was the lumberjack match and then the lumberjacks get involved and then the - I tell ya really, on that match Batista was -  he was just better. Ya know, it's about all it comes down to."

Marc: "AYEE - Kane, even more important though is what's going to take place at WrestleMania and you are in the six man money in the bank ladder match, the briefcase right above the ladder, inside - that contract for a world heavyweight championship opportunity good for one year. It's gonna be a tremendous match, we're all looking forward to it. It seems right now that the patience has really run out with the six competitors, am I right?"

KANE: "Yeah, everybody's ready to go, you know, we've been chompin' at the bit and it's about go time and it should be, really should be something to watch. It should be tremendous."

Steve: "Kane, not to take anything - uh - any strategy going into the ladder match, but looking at the competitors in there, you're obviously the largest competitor that's in there - not that that makes a difference in every single match, uh, at WrestleMania - but you got a few, some advantages going your way with the competitors your in with?"

KANE: "Yeah, you know, one thing I'm at a disadvantage with most of the guys, with the exception Shelton Benjamin, is they all have quite a bit of experience with the ladder match. I've only had one . . . of course I won it . . . so (Chuckles) It would be great ~"

Steve: "That's a GOOD thing!"

KANE: "Yeah, it'd be great if I could be two and OH, you know at WrestleMania.  But the other four guys have quite a bit of experience.  In fact, uh, ya know, Edge and Christian were in the original TLC match, ya know, so they have a lot of experience with ladders as does Jericho and as does Benoit so that'll be something that I'll have to overcome.  And as far as Shelton goes, you shouldn't write him off, 'cause he is - in my opinion - the best athlete in the WWE currently."

Marc: "Yeah, Shelton's pretty impressive.  Kane, who do you feel, though, is the biggest threat to you when it comes to this Money in the Bank Ladder Match? Any one in particular, or really just the five SuperStars?"

KANE: "I think it's the five SuperStars. At some point it's going to boil down to - they're going to realize that none of them individually will beat me. So, eventually some alliances will be made - and I always seem to be on the short end of those so, uh, you know, I'm pretty leery of all five of 'em, individually and as a group."

Steve: "Kane, when you look at, uh, if you look forward, who ever grabs that victory - do you see any advantage in perhaps taking on who ever the champion is after WrestleMania that next night on RAW, or is it one of those things you just gotta think about if the feeling's right - what -  when you take your shot at that title opportunity - should you win the ladder match?"

KANE: "Well ~ you never say "never" and you don't know what's gonna happen.  Uh, for one, ya know, generally the champion has the advantage in that he knows who he's facing, you know, and the rules are just, uh, in his favor.  I mean, generally, you can't win by count out or disqualification, you know, you have to pin the guy or make him submit, so the rules or skewed in the favor of the champion. However, in this case, you could do it the next night or you can just let it rest for a while - where everybody completely forgets about it and then -Bam!- that night, the champion doesn't know who he's facing . . . there it is.  So I think in this,  this match is very important in that respect, in that the challenger - on down the line, whether it's the next night, the next week, ya know, within the next year, has a huge advantage, which he normally wouldn't have."

Steve: "That's a great point."

Marc: "No - that is! Kane, Triple H or Batista - I mean, is there a preference - if you end up winning the ladder match, would you like to face, you know, The Game or the Animal?"

Steve: "Yeah And any thoughts on that match?"

KANE: "It wouldn't matter to me either one.  I mean you know, both of 'em definitely have their strong points. I've had quite a few more matches, of course, with Triple H than I have against Batista, so I know him better'n I know Batista.  But, I mean, Batista and I're, you know, our game plans are pretty ah ~ 

Marc: "Power!"

Kane chuckles: ". . .They're not too hard to d'sect, ya know, we're gonna come straight atcha, so I understand his game plan pretty well also.  So - it - it doesn't matter t' me."

Marc: "You know Kane, we're going to get to some phone callers that are dialing it up wantin' to talk to ya. But, I - Steve and I've talked about this, ya know, one of the greatest moments on RAW has happened a couple of times and one time was when . . . I don't know exactly - there was chaos in the ring, there were about 12 or 15 SuperStars and Batista and yourself were looking the opposite way and then you guys turned around and you faced each other and both gave a kind of a roar . . . and for me it was such a surreal moment, Man, I mean you, we, everybody sorta wanted you guys to go at it so bad - You - do you remember those moments?"

KANE: "Yeah! Yeah, actually, uh, that was in the Battle Royale, uh, I believe on RAW one night and uh, yeah I think people - they're always gonna wonder with the two of us, and all that power, you know, what's going to happen and yeah, I'mmm gonna be frank with ya, I'd get excited about it too, Ya know? because of the big challenge, you know, who's gonna come out on top."

Marc: "That was just one of those great moments.  Let's go to the phone line and Autumn from Massachusetts is on the phone with Kane - Go ahead Autumn."

Autumn: "Hi Kane."

KANE: "Hi Autumn."

Autumn: "I wanted to know what was your most challenging match in the wwe?"

KANE: "What was the most challenging match?"

Autumn: "Yes."

KANE: "UHHH - I would have to say - uhhhh - either the Hell in the Cell or the Elimination Chamber.  Not t'say that the ladder matches aren't challenging.  No - Ya know it - the ladder match at WrestleMania will definitely be challenging.  But those two matches in particular just seem to have so much mystique about 'em that that, in itself, makes 'em tough matches."

Steve: "Kane is that your most challenging match or what you think overall?"

KANE: "I think overall for everyone - those two are, they're very unforgiving."

Steve: "Few, uh - Few issues with Gene Snitsky still unresolved?"

Marc snickers and lowers his head, Steve is grinning - 

KANE: "Well yeah ~"  Steve and Marc both chuckle.

KANE: "If he wouldn't - ya know . . . Gene - Gene Snitsky just doesn't know when to stop, and he doesn't know when to keep his nose out of other people's business. It's gotten him hurt before, and it's gonna get him hurt again."

Marc: "Ayee Kane, let's get back to WrestleMania and, every StuperStar we've had on in recent weeks, we've asked pretty much the same question, and that is . . . What WrestleMania memories stick out in your mind that maybe you were involved in or maybe one that you witnessed?"

KANE: "My - My first WrestleMania, WrestleMania 14 in Boston, and the Pete Rose issue.  And then the match with The Undertaker, uh that really, that was a definitive moment for me, so that will always stick out in my mind."

Marc: "We've got an email here - GP in Levitt Town, New York writes: Since you've faced and teamed up with the Undertaker a lot, have you talked to Randy Orton at all to help him prepare for fighting 'Taker?"

KANE: "NAW - I haven't talked to Randy Orton. You know there's a cliché that youth is wasted on the young and that's actually true in this case. And you know - Randy kin say what ever he wants about 'Taker, ya know, the Man - the Myth 'n the Legend . . . when he gets in the ring with Undertaker at WrestleMania he's gonna find it's all true, and he's not only gonna have to beat the man, he's gonna have to beat the myth and he's gonna have to beat the legend."

Marc: "AH!"

KANE: "Yeah."

Steve: "You know - Boy, that was - uh ~"

KANE: "That's a tall order."

Marc: "That was well spoken."

Steve: "Yeah - I think so. A lot of times, Kane, you look at it, he gets into your head 'n ya start thinkin' about it a little too much before you get out there to actually get in the ring to go do business."

KANE: "Well, and - that's true, even if he hasn't thought about it too much, as soon as that bell rings . . . as soon as he's walkin' down the aisle, 'n as soon as 'Taker starts walking down the aisle - he's gonna realize, he's gonna start thinkin' about it then ~ for sure."

Marc: "Kane you mentioned Pete Rose - you had a lot of fun with Pete Rose, that was one of the great little, I don't know, skits or parodies or whatever you want to call it. That was tremendous. Pete Rose went into the Hall of Fame last year -  This year are you gonna be at the Hall of Fame Inductions Ceremony, and if so, is there anyone in particular that you're lookin' forward to seeing?"

KANE: "Yeah, yeah, it will. I'm supposed to be there - and, um, 'course I guess like everyone else the person I'm most lookin' forward to seein' go in is Hulk Hogan, just because of what he's meant to the business and what he's done for it.  And uh, not to say anything of course against the other guys, ya know, because they're very deserving also.  But he's basically in a league of his own and I think, you know, I think that's the guy that I'll most be lookin' forward to see going in." 

Steve: "Well Kane, uhhhh - time to wrap up here.  We wanna wish you the best luck comin' up here on WrestleMania just 10 days away.  I know you're getting ready for that Ladder Match, uh - it's gettin' very close. Thank you very much for joining us."

KANE: "Hey - Thank you guys."

Marc: "And even more important - really - be safe!"

Steve: "Yeah, no doubt."

Marc: "Thanks Kane."

KANE: "Aw-ight."

Marc: "HEY! The Big Red Machine - Coming through for us!"

Steve: "And ya know, he brought some great point stuff about the Undertaker - Randy Orton match and what's gonna be in Randy Orton's head going into that match . . . ."

Transcription courtesy of AHUG4KANE.  Any discrepancies in the official transcription of this show can be chalked up to my ears hearing what they heard - :D

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