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Monday, 9 May 2005
May 1st ~7th
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Topic: May 2005
BackLash 2005 REPORT
MAY 1, 2005
Manchester, New Hampshire
by Wade Keller & Mallory Mahling

KANE (w/Lita) Defeated Viscera (w/Trish) at BackLashTwo of RAW’s most powerful Superstars matched brut force in Manchester, N.H. on Sunday Night - and it was KANE that proved to be more forcefully brutal as he chokeslammed Big Vis for the win.

Backstage: Lita was shown backstage watching the TV monitor with a smile and then Kane showed up. Lita asked if he was ready, and he said he was. She said she was ready to see him take out both Viscera and Trish. Lita started going on about Viscera and Trish in bed together, and Kane said that was disturbing. Lita said she likes what Kane has in mind much better. They then started to kiss. I smell a Lita heel turn soon.

Kane vs. Viscera
Referee: Chad Patton

The music of Kane hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring with Lita, and he is set for action against Viscera who was accompanied by the Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus.

The start: Kane and Viscera locked up and Viscera challenged him to try and knock him down but he didn’t budge. Viscera knocked Kane down with a clothesline but then missed a splash in the corner. Kane knocked Viscera to the outside and then went up top and jumped off with a double axe handle onto Viscera to knock him down. The “We Want Matt” chants started up again as Kane hit a series of elbow drops on Viscera, and then a big leg drop for two.

Mid-match notes: Kane hammered on Viscera but then walked into a spinning heel kick from Viscera. Viscera chopped the chest of Kane and then gave him a huge body slam. Viscera missed an elbow and then Kane grabbed Trish by the hair on the outside but Viscera squashed him in the corner and then hit the Embalmer on Kane and made the cover but Kane kicked out! Kane fought back with some uppercuts but then Viscera hit a big side walk slam for two.

Viscera gave Kane a head butt and then Kane came back with DDT. Kane went up top and came off with a clothesline to knock Viscera down. Kane signalled for the Chokeslam and went for it, but Viscera elbowed out and then clotheslined Kane to the outside. Viscera followed him out and sent him headfirst into the apron. Lita came over to stop Viscera but he shoved her out of the way. Kane then sent Viscera into the ring post and Trish went to hit Kane with a chair, but Lita whacked the chair into the face of Trish with her crutch!

The Finish: Back inside, and Kane went for another clothesline from the top, but Viscera caught him and hit a sit out powerbomb but Kane got his shoulder up. Viscera grabbed Lita and brought her into the ring and went to kiss her in the corner but Kane knocked him down with a big boot and then hit the chokeslam and made the cover for the win!

Winner - Kane

The Aftermath: Trish got on the mic after the match and called Viscera pathetic. Viscera grabbed her and shook her around in a bear hug and dumped her on the mat. Viscera went to get out of the ring but stopped and then smiled, and got back inside and squashed Trish with a Big Splash! The EMT’s then came down and put a neck brace on Trish and got her onto a stretcher.


May 2, 2005
Boston, MA

KANE Advances with Lita at His Side
RAW GM, Eric Bischoff, announced tonight would host the first round of an eight man “Gold Rush Tournament” for a chance at being the No. 1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Captain Charisma seemed especially confident of his chances … until he learned his first-round opponent was Kane. Christian tried to avoid Kane’s power assault and stay on offense, but with the lovely Lita cheering him on at ringside, the Big Red Monster eventually caught him. What followed was a chokeslam and three-count, which even “Problem Solver” Tyson Tomko was powerless to prevent, or escape himself.

The semifinal brackets will feature Edge vs. Michaels in the renewal of a bitter rivalry and Chris Benoit vs. Kane as brute force matches up with technical ring prowess. (from


WWE Raw House Show
Rochester, N.Y.
May 7, 2005
Don Brown, correspondent

Viscera vs. Kane, Masters vs. Richards, Edge vs. Benoit

(6) Kane beat Viscera. Pre-match interview for Big Vis saw the line of the night when he said to Kane, "Maybe after I squish your guts I can squish Lita's guts if you know what I mean." Kane got a nice pop during his entrance and post match. Match was short and sweet, with Kane finishing Viscera with a chokeslam.
Winner: Kane

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April 24th ~30th
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Topic: April 2005
APRIL 25, 2005
Wade Keller, Torch Editor

-They showed a shot outside of the arena and the graphic said they were "Live." I wonder what the rules are on that since the show isn't actually live. Jim Ross rejoined Lawler in the broadcast position. Ross thanked Lawler for he "tried to do to help him last week." They replayed Viscera forcing a kiss on a semi-reluctant Trish last week. Ross then announced that Kane (w/Lita) vs. Viscera (w/Trish).

-Christian walked to the ring with Tomko to promote his match against Batista later. He said he'll talk slowly for the British fans. "Nice teeth, by the way," he added. He said he plans to beat Batista using his Unprettier finisher. And then next month at the draft, if he's sent to Smackdown, he'll beat "that Ali G rip-off John Cena." He concluded, "One way or another, it will be Captain Charisma carrying the torch because that's how I rule." Kane then interrupted. Christian bailed out into the crowd. Kane chokeslammed Tomko.

-Maria interviewed Lita said this Sunday she will make sure that Kane destroys Viscera and Trish "finally gets what she deserves." Christian was hilarious looking on from the stands as Tomko got attacked. Maria was as usual terrible in that it seemed she was nervously repeating lines she tried to memorize at the last second even though it was a simple two sentence question. Post-production did a good job disguising how intensely Lita was booed by the fans in the arena. They actually took Lita off of the big screen in the arena as soon as the promo because the outburst of boos were so strong.

[Commercial Break]

-Christian asked security to let him know if Kane shows up anywhere.

-Viscera and Trish finished their "date". Viscera asked if she was ready. She asked him to lean in. He did. She slapped him and told him that she has a seven foot monster coming after him and she needs him to stop Kane. Viscera said when he gets done with Kane at Backlash, he'll never bother her again. "Kane is a dead man."


WWE RAW House Show Results -
WWE Wrestlemania Revenge
April 26, 2005
Nottingham, England

The Arena was 80/90% full, it started off Lillian Garcia singing the National Anthem to a great pop.

Biggest Pops:
Kane, Batista, HBK, Regal

Match 7: Kane Vs Muhammed Hassan W/Daviri
Lots of heat for Hassan, although I was one of a few cheering him. Kane came out to huge pops, won via DQ when Daivari interfered and double chokeslammed the two.
Winner by DQ: Kane

Main Event
Edge vs. Chris Benoit - Winner by submission: Chris Benoit

After the match, Christian and Tomko came out t o beat up Benoit. Then everyone came out except Evolution, HBK and Batista. In the end Kane cleared house and he received a birthday cake. Happy Birthday Kane!
End of Show

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

O.k. people might read this and say shes way off the topichere but i just gotta talk about a experence i had with people who understand the meaning it had to me.

On the 26th of april i had the pleasure on being at the wwe raw revenge tour in my home town nottingham england. This in itself was a thrill, the seats were great even though they were not floor seats and we had a really clear veiw. Living in the uk its very rare the wwe comes to us and when it does the tickets sell out like a flash so i was a wreck all the way though just to be there, then kane came out.....

I was so excited i almost fell forward on to the people in front of me it was so good to see the person i have spend the last 6 years admiring in the flesh even though i did not get to speak with him or he didnt see me. He had a wickied match with Mahammad Hassan and won by a d.q double choke slamming him and Davari. At the end in the match between Chir Beniot and Edge Christian and Tomko came to interfere and one by one all the superstars came out to the ring in a big type battle royel thing (including kane). Once the ring was cleared of all the heels it was anounced that there was a birthday in the house (yes people you guessed it) The whole arena sang happy birthday to kane and paied respect to the best thing in the wwe today, and we got to see him blow the candles out on his cake.

All in all one of the top 5 moments of my life and nobody i know understands the big impacked this has had on me. This is what i love about this web site, am sure loads of you have had bigger and better experences with the big red machine but im also sure you all know how importent moments like this are as kane fans.
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April 17th ~ 23rd
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Topic: April 2005
APRIL 18, 2005


04/18/05: WHOA! Lita is REALLY layin the smoochdown on KANE! What a difference a year makes! Lita rewarded her husband intimately on RAW after he spent the evening teaching Trish the meaning of terror! JEEZ! Some women get ALLLL the luck!

Raw was live tonight from Madison Square Garden in New York.

Trish Stratus called Lita to the ring Monday. Stratus told Lita she was a like a sister to her and that she loved her, eventually apologizing to a stunned Lita. Lita wasn't in an accepting mood as she rejected the apology and clobbered Trish with a crutch while Kane came to the ring.

Kane stalked Trish up the ramp until Viscera appeared out of nowhere and destroyed Kane, hitting him with a big splash as he defended Trish's honor. Viscera even helped himself to a backstage kiss, demanding some time alone with Trish in return for his help with Kane. (


WWE RAW House Show Report
April 21
Aberdeen, Scotland
by Denis Law

Lilian Garcia started singing "Oh Flower of Scotland" (National anthem) but was interrupted by La Resistance.

Kane beat Hassan by DQ

Kane was super, nay, uber over. This was an extended squash, which ended when Daviri hit Kane with the lamest looking chairshot this side of Lance Storm in ECW.

So there you go! It was good to see the WWE in the 'Deen again.


WWE Raw WrestleMania Revenge Tour
Royal Highland Exhibition Centre, Edinburgh
April 22nd 2005

Let me first start by saying that out of any show, be it music, comedy, wrestling or whatever - this place has to be the worst arena on Earth to get to. A mile walk down a windy lane, out onto a car park that seems to double as a runway for the airport and through another car park, this time being watched by Hotel Security guards... not fun. Coming out at 10.30 at night, into pitch black, even less fun, especially for those around us that had small children - sort it out WWE, never return here again. Surely there are plenty of other places in Edinburgh big enough to hold a show this size.

I'd estimate the crowd at about 3 - 4,000 even though Chris Jericho stated there were 8,000 raging Jerichoholics in attendance. Given some of the shirts he wears, you have to question his eyesight anyway.

After the break, and it's time to yell abuse at everyone's favourite home-wrecker, Edge and his briefcase. Probably full of pictures of YOUR girlfriend. He's taking on Kane, and DAMN is Kane's pyro loud or what! Whoa! Sadly, the amount of children in the audience means that it's unwise to let rip with the full flurry of what I had planned for Edge, so I resort to just booing him and yelling that he's a bucktoothed home wrecking gypsy from afar. Meanwhile, a small but noticeable "You Screwed Matt" chant is evident on the other side of the arena. Excellent work, Edinburgh! Kane takes the win eventually after a chokeslam, and Edge seems to have problems leaving as he keeps being accosted by members of the public, who he in turn stops to yell at. Wonder what that was about... HA!

All in all, well worth the money we paid for the show, but the organisation left a lot to be desired. Crossing a busy main road in the dark to get to the bus stop home, then waiting over half-an-hour for a bus in the freezing cold at 11pm is not an ideal way to promote a WWE show as fun for the family - I hope this situation is looked into before the next visit.

Thanks for reading,
Tony Cottam,


WWE Raw WrestleMania Revenge Tour
Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle, England
April 23, 2005
Crowd: 9,500 (sold-out)

The Raw-brand of WWE returned to Newcastle for the first time in almost two years, as the WrestleMania Revenge Tour rolled on. Before the show, they played the new Fozzy album non-stop in the arena, although the horrid sound system meant that most of the 9,500 crowd would have struggled to make sense of anything. T-shirts were being sold in the lobby at astronomical prices, with the "older" shirts going for #20, with the newer shirts (such as the new Cena and Christian tees) going for #30. or roughly $60.

The show opened with Lillian Garcia singing "God Save The Queen", and with today being St George's Day, La Resistance didn't interrupt the national anthem.

The final match before the intermission saw Muhammad Hassan against Kane. Hassan got some huge heel heat on his entrance, and when Daivari's Farsi ranting was cut off by Kane's music (and eventually, his pyro), the quick squash job was underway. We had the usual cat and mouse games from Hassan, but Kane looked set to get a quick win and he set up Hassan for a chokeslam, before Daivari "hit" Kane with the weakest chair shot known to man for a DQ. The post-match 2-on-1 beat-down was also shrugged off by Kane, as he dished out a double chokeslam to send us into the break.

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Friday, 22 April 2005
April 10th ~ 16th
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Topic: April 2005
APRIL 11, 2005

Raw was live tonight from The Mark of the Quad Cities. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler introduced the show as Trish and Molly Holly headed down to the ring for their match against Victoria & Christy Hemme. Christy rolled Molly up for the win, driving Trish wild with fury as Kane's music and pryo exploded and he stalked down to the ring. He seemed to have a bone to pick with Trish because of what she'd done to Mrs. Kane last week. Trish took off running through the crowd with Kane hot on her heels.

WINNERS: Christy & Victoria at 4:42.

[Commercial Break]

Trish frantically ran into the WWE Divas locker room, breaking up a gaggle of divas talking to Stacey about the RKO Orton had given her and wishing that they could get a Batista Bomb from Big Dave. Suddenly, the door burst open and Kane continued to stalk Trish through the locker room telling her he was going ot get her as the other divas screeched and tried to hide their scantily cladness from him.

Much later, they showed Kane backstage coming through a door. He stops, smiles and says, "There you are!" almost softly. The cameras pan around to show Lita smiling up at him as she leaned on a crutch. She asked him if he did it.

He said, "Yes, Trish is scared to death." Lita stepped close to him, running her hand up his huge and muscled bicep and said,

"We're just getting started." She leaned in and locked her lips on Kane's in a very passionate kiss.

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April 3rd ~ 9th 2005
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Topic: April 2005
APRIL 3, 2005
by Wade Keller & Mallory Mahling


Christian came decked out in a ring outfit that is top contender for best of the night. They brawled at ringside before the official start. They did a series of dives to ringside peaking with Benjamin diving onto everyone at ringside except Kane. Kane then stood on the top rope and clotheslined everyone at once.

They introduced the ladder early as a weapon with Jericho getting the most use of it early. Benoit put Kane in a Crippler Crossface. Edge intervened, and Benoit put the Crossface on him. Kane then jabbed the ladder into Benoit, then crushed his arm in the ladder several times. Benoit sold it like it was broken. Edge then surprised Kane with a spear. The crowd was really into it (a lot more than Laker's games these days.) Christian and Edge each grabbed a ladder and charged Kane from opposite ends of the ring and crushed him in the middle. Benjamin then dove at both Christian and Edge. Benoit then jump reverse sidekicked a ladder into Christian. Edge then set up the ladder in the corner of the ring and whipped Benjamin into it. Edge went for a spear on Benjamin, but Benjamin side-stepped Edge and then used Edge's momentum to throw him into the ladder in the corner.

It was just Edge and Benjamin inside the ring as everyone else was knocked out or resting at ringside. Benjamin gave Edge a Stinger Splash into the ladder in the corner, then found himself the lone man standing inside the ring. He set the ladder up in mid-ring. When he climbed the ladder, Jericho intervened, knocking him off. Christian, Benoit, Jericho, and Edge all climbed three different ladders and fought each other. Benoit dropped Christian to the mat off the ladder. Both sold arm injuries. Jericho also bumped off the ladder. Edge then worked on Benjamin atop a ladder. Benjamin gave Edge a T-Bone off the ladder to the mat. That got the biggest pop of the night.

Christian and Jericho were the first to their feet and fought each other for the chance to climb the ladder and get the brief case hanging above the ring with the contract for the World Title shot. Jericho grabbed the briefcase. Benjamin ran up a ladder that was leaning like a rampway against the upright ladder and then dove off of it and clotheslined Jericho off the ladder. Benjamin got his foot caught in the ropes and was hanging upside down after Tyson Tomko interfered in the match then helped Christian up the ladder on his shoulders.

Kane returned to the ring and clotheslined Tomko over the top rope. Tomko, embarrassingly, took the backward bump over the top rope 60 percent of the way before Kane even touched him. Kane then shoved Christian off the ladder onto Tomko at ringside. Kane climbed the ladder and grabbed the brief case, but Jericho climbed the other side of the ladder and the ladder fell over and they both bumped onto the top rope. Jericho got sling-shot to the floor off the top rope while Kane clotheslined his neck over the top rope.

Benoit returned to the ring, still selling the arm injury from five minutes earlier. He set up a ladder in the corner of the ring. He went to the top rope, then to the top of the ladder. He then did the diving headbutt off of the ladder onto Kane. Benoit and Kane climbed opposite sides of the ladder. Kane grabbed Benoit by the throat. Benoit escaped Kane's grip with rapid-fire headbutts and then knocked him to the mat. Benoit then reached for the brief case. Edge bashed Benoit with a chair. Benoit fell to the mat as if he were shot. Edge then climbed the ladder and unfastened the brief case to win.


STAR RATING: ****1/2 -- Really good, memorable, well-executed, innovative stunt match with some new spots with the ladder - which is tough to do after so many ladder matches.


APRIL 4, 2005
Los Angeles, California

Raw was live tonight from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, site of last night's WrestleMania 21.

The show started with a fast-forward through last night's WrestleMania. Four hours of blood, sweat and tears were condensed into a handful of minutes. Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler welcomed viewers to the show.

As Orton made his way to the entrance, Kane stopped him in his tracks. Kane laughed manically and said he'd told Orton he couldn't beat the Undertaker.

"You can't beat what you don't understand," Kane told him.

Orton said he'd deal with him after he beat Batista. Randy walked off seeming apprehensive, and with good reason - Kane gave a soft and menacing laugh.


WWE Raw House Show
April 7, 2005
Brisbane, Australia
by Mick Ellwood

It should be noted that no pyros were used at all during the show, and this was a major let-down. Many of the entrances were nowhere near as big without the 'big bang' factor, and there were a lot of grumbles and people feeling ripped off.

(6) Kane defeated Edge. The crowd got right into this match, which made for a good opener to the second half of the show. Again, pyros on the entrances would have helped a lot though. One section tried to get a "You Screwed Lita" chant going towards Edge, but the rest of the crowd declined to join in. Kane entered to a massive pop! He got in his sit-up in at one stage, and eventually won with a chokeslam.

All in all, it was a decent card, and the crowd loved most of the show. A couple of the matches were complete duds, but otherwise a good effort was put in by all the superstars and the crowd - I think we try extra hard because we want the WWE to come back again! The lack of pyros really detracted from the excitement, but all in all it was definitely worthwhile. The arena was nearly sold-out, with a few empty seats dotted around the back.


WWE RAW House Show
April 8, 2005
Newcastle, Australia
Newcastle Entertainment Centre
by Peter Rice of Sydney

The arena was almost completely sold out in Newcastle. Lillian Garcia started off by actually singing the Australian National Anthem by memory with no mistakes. Pretty good. Eric Bischoff came out and talked about how it was great to be in Newcastle. The capacity crowd of about 6,000 didn't seem to buy it, and launched into their first "you are a wanker" chant of the night.

(1) Kane defeated Christian and Tyson Tomko in a handicap match. Kane came out to a great pop (biggest one until the main event). I guess everyone's forgiven Kane for the whole Lita thing. Christian hits the Unprettier for a two and a half count. Match then works to the end where Kane cleared Tomko from the ring and chokeslammed Christian for the three count. Highly enjoyable match.


WWE Raw House Show
April 9, 2005
Sydney, Australia
by Peter Steele of Canberra

7) Kane defeated Edge. Edge just walks and looks like he should be a heel. More points for the creative team. Hard to hear the crowds reaction over the two ladies next to me. They'd like to get with Adam. I'm sure if they wait he'll get around to it. Kane came out to a massive pop from the crowd. There was some good brawling mixed with wrestling holds in this match. Kane didn't seem as slow as I thought he'd be. Kane got in a lot of offence early, prompting Edge to start walking up the ramp to the back. The two brawled their way back to the ring and Kane got the win after a chokeslam. After the match had ended Edge played the comedy bit as he wandered to the back

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March 27th ~ April 2nd 2005
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Topic: March 2005
MARCH 28, 2005

Raw was live tonight from the Ft. Worth Convention Center in Ft. Worth, Texas. This is the first televised WWE event from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area since 2003 and the last Raw before WrestleMania. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler introduced the show.

Chris Jericho stood mid-ring to open the show and talked about how close WrestleMania was. He reminisced abit then invited Chris Benoit and Shelton Benjamin to the ring. They came, talked a bit then got testy with each other standing nose-to-nose-to-nose until Christian and Tyson Tomko walked out and interrupted. Ross said he didn't remember anyone inviting them down to the ring. Christian trash talked until Edge joined in telling the others to save all the talk because it was he who would end up winning. Benoit attacked Edge and a six-way brawl broke out. Good opening segment that added a touch of intensity to the six-way match.

More good action with Jericho eventually hot-tagged into the match. Chaos soon broke out. Ross called it a car wreck. Benjamin mistakenly kicked Benoit during the melee. In the end, Jericho made Tomko tap to a Walls of Jericho. After the match, Kane, who was feeling left out, came down to the ring bringing a ladder with him. He used it to knock out the others, then set it up in the ring and climbed it to stand atop as his lights flashed. Below him on the mat was pure carnage.

WINNERS: Benoit & Jericho & Benjamin when Jericho made Tomko tap.

Later, Orton came out to taunt The UnderTaker - DONG-DONG. The Legend Killer heard the unmistakable sound that meant 'Taker was in da house (at least via videotape). On the TitanTron were highlights of all of the Undertaker's previous WrestleMania wins. The ring was bathed in blue light and the ring posts suddenly burst into flames as the final "0" of the DarkSide count down showed. For someone who claimed he wasn't scared, Orton looked about to pee his pants. After a commercial break, a panic-stricken Orton was about to flee the arena. Someone started calling his name.

"Raaaaandeeee. RAAAAAAndeeeee."

It was Kane, the Undertaker's brother, there to put more fear into Orton. He said twice he'd faced his brother at WrestleMania and twice he was lucky to escape with his soul. Kane said Randy can't beat what he doesn't understand. Orton said he knows what he's facing. Kane told Orton he has to show Undertaker that he doesn't fear him or he's in trouble.

"You've got six days to prove it," Kane said, ending with a maniacal laugh.

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March 20th ~ 26th
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Topic: March 2005
WWE RAW House Show
March 20, 2005

5) Kane beat Christian & Tyson Tomko in a handicap match. Tomko is, honestly, terrible. He blew an Irish whip spot. He didn't take a clothesline properly. It was almost comical. Christian is still underutilized and got pinned here after a chokeslam from Kane.


MARCH 21, 2005

Raw was live tonight from the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler introduced the show and promoted the "Pick Your Poison" Lumberjack match with Kane vs. Batista later. Trips joined Ross and Lawler and when Kane made his way to the ring, Hunter laughed and said he had nothing to worry about.


On his way to the ring, Batista stepped and shot a look toward Hunter. Hunter stood up, but told Batista that he had his hands full with what was waiting for him inside the ring.

Batista got in an early bodyslam on Kane, then when Daivari mouthed off from ringside, Batista jumped to ringside and got in his face. Hassan hit Batista from behind.

Kane then took control inside the ring. Batista and Kane continued to have a back and forth big man battle until they collided mid-ring. Gene Snitsky then attacked Kane. The match began to turn into a cluster mess, with half the lumberjacks stomping a mud hole in Batista and Kane taking care of business on the outside. Simon Dean and Mabel then attacked Kane. Hunter screamed, "What are you doing!" The other heels then attacked Batista on the other side of the ring "like a pack of rabid dogs," as Ross put it.

In the ring, Tomko, Christian, and Edge attacked their WM foe Kane. Batista gained control on the outside, fought back and clotheslined masterpiece, Maven, and Grenier. He then dropped Coach face-first over the security wall. He returned to the ring and gave spinebusters to Edge and Christian. Kane stood up and set up a chokeslam. Batista kicked out at the last second. Hunter screamed, "No!" Kane set up a Tombstone. Batista fought out of it and then gave Kane a spinebuster. He showed fire, then he gave Kane his Batista Bomb for the clean win.

"We have witnessed the impossible," screamed Ross. "Batista has overcome every odd!" Ross is the best. That grinding voice was a great backdrop to a staredown between Batista and Hunter from across the arena to close the show.

WINNER: Batista

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March 13th ~ 19th 2005
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Topic: March 2005
WWE House Show Results
March 13, 2005
Dothan, Alabama
by April Tew, reader

The show lasted for about 2 and a half hours. It was really exciting. It was non-stop action the whole time. The biggest pops went to Kane and Batista.

Chris Jericho vs. Christian with Tyson Tomko. Tomko gets ejected. Jericho got Christian in the Walls of Jericho & Christian tapped out. Tomko comes out at the end of the match and begins beating on Jericho and out comes Kane.

Kane vs. Tyson Tomko. Kane gives Tomko the choke slam for the win.


MARCH 14, 2005

Raw was live tonight from The Arena at Gwinnett Center and the first Raw in Atlanta in over a year. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler introduced the show, hyping the "Pick Your Poison" main event. Then they went right to the ring.

1 -- KANE vs. CHRISTIAN & TYSON TOMKO Handicapped Match

As Kane made his entrance, Tomko's vicious attack on Kane last week was shown. Amazingly, this match wasn't as full of pesky double-teaming as expected. Christian bailed out of the match, claiming to be hurt. Kane then nailed Tomko with a top rope clothesline and easily pinned Tomko. Christian grabbed a ladder out from under the ring. Kane saw it though so Christian fled with The Big Red Machine after him. Kane then took the ladder into the ring to repay Tomko for last week's attack.


The match established Christian as being conniving and chicken at the same time. It put Kane over as a monster. It reminded viewers of the ladder's potential as a weapon. Solid segment in those respects.

Backstage, Lita crossed paths with Snitsky backstage. He told Lita that after he beats Batista, he'll finally finish what he started with her.

During the Batista v. Snitsky match, 3H and Flair decided to join in, earning a DQ and the win to Batista. Trips, Naetch and Snitsky each with chairs then began circling Batista like hyenas. Before they could get to the winner, Kane charged out and attacked Snitsky while Batista took care of Naetch and Trips bailed. After Kane tenderized the Big Snit, Batista finished up with the sit-down BatistaBomb at center ring as Trips looked on.

Batista's music started, but Hunter cut it off and announced that next week, his "Pick Your Poison" opponent would be Kane, who happened to be standing right beside Batista inside the ring. Batista turned around and looked at Kane uncertainly. Kane, who'd just come out to lend a helping hand to Batista, was now his enemy? Kane returned Batista's stare then gave his lopsided smile.

Ross said, "Oh my god! Next week, the Animal vs. the Monster. Live, next week on Raw!"


WWE Raw House Show
March 19, 2005
Fayetteville, N.C. at Cumberland County Civic Center
by Aaron Rowe

The event was in the old small Cumberland County Civic Center, not the new Crown coliseum. It was a pretty good turnout, around 3000 or so.

(6) Kane beat Tomko. Kane was over big.

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March 6th ~ 12th 2005
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WWE RAW House Show
March 6, 2005
Norfolk, Virginia
by Jason Seay

Kane vs. Tyson Tomko - Kane won with the Chokeslam.


MARCH 7, 2005
by Wade Keller & Mallory Mahling

Raw was live tonight from the RBC Center. After clips aired of last week's show and the Raw opening aired, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler introduced the show.

In Eric Bischoff's office, Chris Jericho, Christian, Edge, Chris Benoit and Shelton Benjamin were told that Bischoff had approved the ladder match for WrestleMania that Jericho had suggested. It would be a six-way money in the bank ladder match. Inside a briefcase hanging over the ring would be a contract for an opportunity at the World Title. Tonight, they'd all be meeting up in various matches. Christian would meet the mysterious sixth man in the ring...coming up next.

Match 2 -- CHRISTIAN vs. KANE

Kane was the surprise opponent. Ross said that wasn't what Christian was expecting. Lawler got in a good line: When life hands you a lemon, throw it at somebody.

How does one neutralize Kane's strength? With a Problem Solver, of course. With Tomko's help, Christian got in half of the offense, but that didn't work for long as Kane ended up giving them both stunning boots to the face. Christian's was followed by a chokeslam and the winning pin.

But Kane's celebration didn't last long, since Tomko came back with a ladder and clobbered Kane with it. As Christian and Tomko staggered to the back, Kane sat up and glared.



WWE Raw House Show
March 12, 2005
Mobile, Ala at Mitchell Center
by Paul Trampe

(4) Chris Jericho defeated Christian (w/Tyson Tomko). Excellent match. Chris Jericho got the Walls of Jericho on Christian for the submission. Immediately afterwards, Tomko ran back to the ring and he and Christian double-teamed Jericho. After beating on Jericho, they went under the ring to pull out a ladder, which brought another Money-in-the-Bank-Ladder-Match participant, Kane, out. Jericho and Christian brawled into the crowd leaving Tomko and Kane in the ring for an impromptu match.

(5) Kane defeated Tyson Tomko. Kane was a lot more over than I expected. The match was pretty quick, ending when Kane hit a Chokeslam to Hell on Tomko.

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Thursday, 21 April 2005
February 6th ~ 12th 2005
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WWE House Show Results
February 6, 2005
Anchorage, Alaska
by AlaskaCowboy, reader

Well, I Have to say that of all the “Live” shows I have been to, this one takes the cake. Coming off the over seas tour (which the RAW and SmackDown! shows have been taped for the week before Valentine’s Day) they held a cross promotional show for us frozen folks here in Anchorage and let me say that it was far better than AWESOME!!!!

Let me start the day by saying that I spent all of last week making posters. It was fun.

Next was the cross promotional tag team match between Heidenriech/Snitsky and Taker/Kane. Totally Cool watching both Taker and Kane enter to their norm. Funny though, Snitsky was waiting for John to get to the ring, John came up and said “my friend Gene”. They got their Boos. Too hilarious!!! Kane then 'Taker came in to the BIGGEST Pops of the night!

This match impress me also because each time one of them was thrown into the corner, the ring shook and you could feel it. It was an unusual match. Taker went for Old School after a minute, but was yanked off the turnbuckle. He eventually hit it along with all of his normal moves (the flying clothesline), and at the end of the match the heels had both the Bros slammed on the ground then turned their backs on them. Simultaneously, the Bros did their sit ups. Way cool! 'Taker and Kane beat up some more on them then hit choke slams and finally tombstone pile drivers for the win. I think they even double pinned them. Kane and 'Taker then did the brotherly hug and then Kane did the little kneel toward 'Taker as he was standing in the corner. Kane left and 'Taker did his kneel with the lights dimming to purple and blue. I love 'Taker’s lighting. He then left and stopped, like he always does. He did the look over the shoulder and turned back to raise him arm. I wish I had been closer for that shot, but I fired off a picture anyway. BIG BIG Pops.


WWE RAW/SmackDown! House Show Report
February 2, 2005 SUPERSHOW
Honolulu, Hawaii at Blaisdell Arena
by Daryl Bonilla & Jay Shimoda

The Blaisdell Arena was sold out with only a few seats in the upper deck empty. It was a 3 and a half hour show that featured SmackDown! and Raw stars. (9) Kane & The Undertaker defeated Gene Snitsky & John Heidenreich. Heidenreich and Snitsky hugged each other when they first entered the ring, and then cowered in each other's arms as Kane and UT were introduced. Kane as over but the place went crazy for The Undertaker. The biggest, loudest, longest pop of the night went to the DeadMan. Hawaii loves the DeadMan. He hasn't been here in quite a while and the audience ate his theatrics up. The Brothers of Destruction won when they hit the double tombstone after they double chokeslammed Snitsky and Heidenreich.


FEBRUARY 7, 2005

Kane wasn't on.


February 12, 2005
by Phack

I attended the Raw house show in Steubenville, OH, at the St. John Arena last night and thought I would send a report.

*Kane beat Gene Snitsky in a hardcore match.

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