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01/12/05: KANENITES!!! There's a new forum for any who wish to share greetings, news and views on our Towering Titan - KANE! Hope to see ya there! ~Qayin
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05/05/05: Alumnus Shares Truman Tales  There's a great article with a Q&A with Glenn Jacobs from the Truman State University "Index". Though short, it's "real" and revealing - truly a delightful experience!
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4/30/05: The Unauthorized History of KANE:Journey into Darkness, written by Michael Chiappetta and Dave Stern, will be out in paperback August 1, 2005 according to has more on this book and a large pic of the front cover!
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4/25/05: Lita likes husband Kane’s chances!  Lita will be in her husband's corner this Sunday at BackLash as he battles the behemoth Viscera who stepped up two weeks ago to champion Trish. 

Anthony Cali was on hand in Birmingham, UK with the RAW crew broadcasting the Monday night show live and caught up with the lovely Lita to get her take on the matchup at BackLash.
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3/28/05: has a great piece on who each of the WM21 Lader Match contestants feels is their greatest threat - KANE's answer SLAYED me!

They also have a pretty decent KANE Special Section! Nothing like last year's, but pretty good!  
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3/23/05: KANE was on ByteThis! You can hear him by clicking on the vid speed you need under the Past Shows 2005 03/23/2005 link.  
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03/19/05  Guess you've noticed a bit of a change in the AHUG5KANE layout ~ I'm trying to keep the same basic format, with a bit of an upgrade for the Big Guy.  
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Added a few blinkies and avatars in the "gifts section!


02/10/2005: BE ON THE LOOK OUT. . . KANE's movie, GOODNIGHT is in the post production stage . . . news on it's release should be surfacing soon

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Up for reading some KANE history? Here's Mary's latest AWESOME offering . . . KANE ~ HIS Story! It's MUST SEE!!! Launched 09-04-2003

Manchester, NH
This Sunday at Backlash, RAW’s two largest Superstars, KANE and Viscera, will do battle. And when they do, there will be two very interested Divas standing by at ringside ~ Lita and Trish Stratus will each be cheering on their respective parties, hoping that their SuperStar walks out of Manchester, N.H., the victor. [] Read more about it!

Great History of KANE & 'Taker:

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